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Art is my speaking voice to the world and I use it to show the good and bad that I see in it. I create works of art using paint and sometime found objects to tell a story. The piece God Please help Us All is about the many horrific acts of hate man has visited upon his brother.The Holocaust,Slavery,The Trail of Tears plus Apartheid are well known to all. There are other evil acts that are not as well known and they are the small objects on this piece that are descending from the top to the bottom of the piece and I created those using egg shells. The very light shape is the Spirit of God that the man is asking for help. The second piece is titled Crying For The World. The boy is crying for black youth that have lost their lives to acts of violence and the little boys that have been put in Armies as soldiers though they are barely able to hold a weapon.
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Delores Surry-Smith is a visual artist born in the state of Georgia in a remote rural area surrounded by a large family. They were poor and did not know it; but richly blessed in all that really matters… fear of God, love of family and community, keepers of high moral character and hope for a brighter day.

She attended grade school and high school in Atlanta Ga and went to Spelman College for a while and then dropped out (her one regret in life) .
After dropping out she moved to New York married, had children and after many years there they moved back to Atlanta. She has always been able to paint and draw but after moving back she started to spend more time in developing her skills. She started Sudi Arts now known as Surrysmith Arts about twenty five years ago.

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