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I am a contemporary artist and student of form and dimension. My primary medium is oil and my palette is most often saturated, primal color that is alive, purposely intrusive and mutable. My art voice is passionate and authentic and a means by which to assert, in no specific order, my own personal truths of humanism, spiritualism and feminism.
Author/Writer, Visual Artist

Born in Muskegon, MI, Sam Grisham is kin to the baby boomer generation that emerged from the ashes of world war. She lives on the outskirts of metropolitan Atlanta in Jonesboro, Ga. Sam attended SCAD Atlanta where she majored in painting and was recipient of the SCAD Artistic Honors, Amos Glenda Knight Keys and Joel C. Reeves scholarships for painting. She was a selected regional participant in the 2013 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, co-sponsored by Russell and Danny Simmons’ RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Sam has had two successful solo exhibits and participated in numerous group exhibits in Atlanta area galleries including Mason Fine Art, Arts Exchange, Southwest Arts Atlanta, Arts Clayton and deFine Art. Sam was also a selected participant in Art Prize of Grand Rapids, MI in 2010.

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