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Herman McClenton
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Herman L. McClenton, a native of Atlanta, Georgia began to develop his artistic talents at a very young age. Creating art since the age of five. Herman considered art as his means to be a 'big fish in a big pond.'

As the sixth of ten children Herman often escaped into his creative fantasy land as a way to stand apart and yet be close to his siblings. Indeed some of his initial artistic endeavors were caricatures of his brothers and sisters and replicating comic book characters. Caricatures continue to be one of his specialties even today.

Through many years of formal training at the Art Institute of Atlanta, The Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta Metropolitan College and internships with African Americans for the Arts. Herman has developed his own unique style of artistic interpretation which is often compared to the El Greco art form. El Greco art often displays a haunting intensity resulting from unnaturally long figures and strong contrasts of color and light.

For Herman, Art is everywehere and everything, and he must paint. His life is his canvas. And his canvas of life begs to be shared through his unique artistic expression. Today, Herman's portfolio includes fine art portraiture, murals, caricatures, and still life renditions.

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