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Jeannette Barnett
My art is a reflection of my belief that art can communicate about the human condition as well as it can help us see what Words alone may never reveal. I use vivid colors as much as possible in my art because I believe they heighten the focus of the viewer. Much of my art involves the Africa-African experience as I believe it can never be over told in an affirming way. I also use my art to call the human spirit back to nature by way of landscapes. Hopefully, it all tells a story.
Visual Artist

It had always been a desire of mine to become an artist, as a young girl, however it did not seem possible or practical, so I pursued a career in finance and accounting. After I retired in 2013 I saw this as an opportunity to revisit this desire. I began taking art classes and I loved it! It was a long time coming but it is a true passion for me.

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