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Marcella Muhammad
“I was influenced in 1974 by Pablo Picasso and his style of cubism which he admitted was influenced by African masks. This influence inspired me to create my own signature style of abstraction that I call Plastic Space. Instead of dissecting the subject into visual flat linear planes as in cubism, I go beyond and explore the curvature of light around an object from a three dimensional perspective. The fluid use of light, shadow and balance captivate and engage the eye as if moving at light speed around three dimensional objects and the space around them. I prefer using my favorite medium of oils on canvas to blend color, and depth into a simulated three dimensional collection of forms on a two dimensional surface. I use cloth, brushes and my fingers to move the oils on a smooth or textured canvas surface to achieve the effects I want. I purposely portray objects that are mildly abstracted to bring the viewer more quickly into the composition. I also use multi-dominant rhythmic techniques through designs and harmonizing colors. To achieve this, I first render the idea with a sketch in pencil working out the abstraction of objects, balance, and composition until I am satisfied with the look. Then I transfer the sketch to a canvas where I begin to add color into the composition. My favorite choices of colors are chromatic hues (a warm vibrant palette) and I work in an average of four layers adding color until I finish with the negative spaces tying the composition together.”
Author/Writer, Designer, Visual Artist

Marcella Hayes Muhammad is an award winning published international fine artist, author and designer. She paints primarily in oils and is recognized for, intricate detail and vibrant colors. Her work reflects choices of culture, current events, history, emotions, and beauty she experiences around her in everyday life. To convey her message, Marcella maintains her flexibility of expression through the use of realism, still life, and abstraction.
Daughter of a Lieutenant in the Air Corps who taught Tuskegee Airman to fly and career Air Force officer, Marcella Hayes Muhammad was fortunate to live in Japan, France, Germany and many parts of the United States.
Marcella credits her mother, Ruth Hayes, a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, for shaping her views of culture, people and especially artistic expression by exposing her to the many art museums available during their travels and always encouraging her artistic endeavors.
After a successful career as an elementary teacher, Marcella retired and moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area. She started her own art business, Maruva DQ, Inc. and creates her works full time.
Marcella’s work has been collected by an international audience. She is active in local and national art organizations. Marcella has participated in many art fairs and conferences where she has served as a guest-speaker and conducted master-classes and workshops. Marcella keeps current with invitational, Museum and gallery shows. She is an author of a fictional novel inspired by quilt art published under the title, A Quilt Of Dreams and another biographical book about her signature style of Plastic Space™ abstract under the title, A Journey Through Plastic Space™.
Marcella earned her BFA with honors from the California State University at San Bernardino. She also studied at the California College of Art and Design at Oakland and the University of California at Riverside.

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