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Let me help you visualize, experience the art of art.
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The Time Is Now
As I look back on confusion, anger, disappointments, frustrations, anxiousness, and pain. I remember the words of my uncle Volaska Leroy Rose Jr. said to me time after time,
"You can do it ..."
Short Story. My uncle Volaska was an avid scout leader for the neighborhood cub/boy scouts. Every year all the troops came together for a parade. The floats were made and designed by each troop. This particular year his troop decided they would use Popeye as their float mascot. My uncle asked me to draw a picture of Popeye on plywood and paint it so he could cut it out. I was a little girl at that time but he, more than I, was aware of my artistic talent. I was not confident enough to do it. I was afraid i would not be good enough. I was so sure that I would do a terrible job so I did not do it. My uncle did it himself. The look if disappointment has hunted me to this day. I have never shied away from and will never shy away from anything again. My uncle is no longer alive but his confidences in me and my ability to succeed is alive and well in me. I know now that dreams of the world live in the universe of possibilities where anything is attainable, and the achievement of any one is in the limitations we put on ourselves. I have always had the desire to paint but being a single mother of two put my painting in a holding pattern for years. When I reached the age of fifthy and some changes I realized that Kimberly Edwards still had the desire to paint. That passion for art was still burning inside. I get up in the morning and the first I do is grab my paint brush to start, or further enhance a developing piece. As soon as I get home until the time I make myself go to sleep, because I have to go to work in the morning I paint. I spend every spare moment painting. Each painting igniting a brighter light in me te create something else. It's like I am thrust upon the vitality and radiant emancipation of color and that explodes onto the canvas. Some of my work has no particular meaning of its own, but holds a meaning to the viewer. I invite you to feel the Art of Art. To lose yourself in Art, to Experience Art.

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